7 Reasons Why You Do not Need Insurance

Perhaps you love to read the title above, as a "justification" or an answer which you have been looking for, or answer agree that insurance is not important. Behold .... well what exactly?

Insurance became IS NOT IMPORTANT for you if you answer 7 this question with "NO". Try to answer honestly yes.!

1. Do you want to maintain your current lifestyle after retirement ..?

2. Do you want to get the quality care when you are sick ..?

3. Do you want to Contribute to the education your children ..?

4. Do you want to Bequeath something meaningful to the foundation ..?

5. Do you want a Revenue Assurance Security in the coming years ..?

6. Do you want to avoid a crisis, because it does not have the money ..?

7. Do you want to make sure your investment, can be enjoyed by wife and your children ..?

How to present your answer ..? You answered "NO", I think of the above questions you will answer "YES", why is that ..? Because I believe you, I and we all must want a reply Prosperous Future, school children could be placed in accordance with his ideals, helping more people and bring happiness to the people we love, like a spouse, child, parents and the people around us.