This Reason Why Wika Hold Obayashi Corps From Japanese

This Reason Why Wika Hold Obayashi Corps From Japanese
PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA) officially took Obayashi Corps as a potential winner of the project consortium underground (underground) MRT-lane roundabout Senayan.
Later along the 5.9 km track will connect six underground stations and spend funds amounting to Rp 4 to 4.5 trillion.
WIKA claimed combination (join operation) with Obayashi Corps over due because of the experience and the technology used by the Japanese company.
"Our combination with Obayashi Banar Corps over due because of the experience and technology but even more so because this is a form of cooperation with Japan, according to the agreement so we do join with Japanese companies," said Corporate Secretary WIKA Christmas Argawan detikFinance Pardede when contacted on Saturday ( 29.09.2012).
Wijaya Karya and Obayashi Corps itself is a strong candidate for the winner of the tender project underground development along nearly 5.9 miles. Design development itself has been established by the city government and the PT MRT Jakarta.
Projects that will be spent Rp 4-4.5 trillion from Rp 15 trillion of funds lent by JICA will be completed end of 2016.
"The design is there, stay awake construction but there are some technologies that we can not blindly Obayashi Corp. does mean that we miss combination, so there is synergy between donors and countries didonor," he said.
A little note Obayashi Corps is one of the largest construction companies in Japan. They are contractors for the world's tallest tower is 634 meters high as Tokyo Sky Tree. The tower's function is to support broadcasting and where to see the city sights.
Obayashi Corps itself has experienced build towers, power plants until the temple renovation. Some of his works are Universal Studios in Osaka, Dubai Metro in United Arab Emirates and Australia Stadium. This experience makes WIKA interested in working with Obayashi Corps.
"A lot of them, especially the ground-up later, there are some technologies that are not yet grasping, we have mastered the construction alone," he concluded.