Golden Opportunities Professional Insurance Agents And Insurance Coverage

Golden Opportunities Professional Insurance Agents

In essence, the projected global crisis will bring layoffs (layoffs) to 23 927 workers and 19,000 others were laid off. In fact, the wave of layoffs has already taken place since November 2008. The news also tells of the ongoing phenomenon of job cuts and their impact. Reviews are less well equipped with the conditions experienced by some post-layoff workers.
They feel bad financial condition to sustain life after. Wrong layoffs experienced by them is a father of one who had previously worked in banking for 12 year. He must accept the bitter truth when the company sends e-mail about layoffs against him. A father who has a toddler also same fared . He affected by layoffs due to electronic goods distribution company where he worked went bankrupt.

As a result, the financial condition of family disarray, and he was forced to make a living by work as a taxi driver. The ongoing wave of layoffs force workers who have experienced it swerved to pioneer a new job. In fact, to get a new job, not something that easy. Condition of young age that no longer be an obstacle. In addition, not all people have the guts to try their luck with opening a business in the middle of a crisis such as this.

Review the impact of layoffs and inspired me to convey to you on a golden opportunity to work on the life insurance industry nationwide. In the midst of the current economic crisis, the life insurance industry would open up employment opportunities for workers who were laid off and the new workforce. Life insurance industry needs workers from different disciplines to then be equipped to be agents of life insurance professionals.

Current professional insurance agents are needed to accommodate the potential market is still wide open in this country. Over time, professional insurance agents conducive metamorphosed. If previous professions related to sales agents in traditional insurance products, as is the case that the transition into a professional insurance agent who has the competency standards and the recognition and appreciation of the business community, and government.

Even if the wave of layoffs continue, there is a golden opportunity for you! Life insurance agent is a noble profession that contribute to society and promises a bright future for you.

Professional Agents Know

Most of us relate to life insurance companies for the first time through insurance agents. The agency helping individuals, families, businesses and institutions to plan and ultimately choose the insurance policy as required.

For a prospective policyholders, insurance agents will accompany the process of recognition and selection policy in order to protect his privacy, family, health, and welfare in old age. An insurance agent is generally skilled and competent in selling insurance products, such as life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, education insurance and unit-linked insurance. Life insurance agents will help people in choosing a life insurance policy that fits their individual needs.

In terms of coverage, the beneficiary will get some money for insurance benefits if the insured dies, or when an agreed terms of achieved or occur. For example, a family needs some funds to meet the educational needs of children. In this case, a life insurance policy will be designed to meet those needs. An insurance policy can be designed to provide funds to cover the cost of needed health care due to a variety of critical illnesses.

Insurance policies can be designed to accommodate a number of funds in lieu of income in the event of serious health problems or an accident on the self-insured. When you want to jump in professional life insurance agent, it means you are ready to join 263 452 other agents. That number will continue to increase from time to time. When this life insurance sector employs no fewer than 3681 new agents every month.

Essentially, the life insurance agent life insurance industry is a patriot who was in the vanguard to socialize the importance of life insurance for the welfare of the community and family. At the end of 2008, all life insurance agents in the country managed to record a premium of not less than Rp30, 2 triliun.Akumulasi premiums paid by policyholders to obtain family welfare in the future.

Through the services of agents, life insurance companies in Indonesia have been paying cash benefits due to the occurrence of self-insured death on no less than Rp1, along 2008. In 8 trillion in the same period, the company pays the benefits end of the contract (maturity) to the customer Rp5, 5 trillion. Thus, the agent profession is a noble profession! The agents worked day and night for the welfare of society as a policyholder.

After you read this, it could be an insurance agent is a suitable profession for you. In next edition, I will discuss various things about the profession and its development agency in Indonesia and other countries. Beside it, I will elaborate on the future of promise as well as the qualifications and training available to life insurance agents.

Insurance Coverage

The problem is whether the population of Indonesia is aware of the importance of insurance? If not one of only 4% of Indonesia's population that has insurance. Compared to neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore, we are far behind. They even above 20%. I can deduce what the underlying reason why many of Indonesia's population is not aware of (not need) the importance of insurance.

A. Insurance bad image ingrained. Insurance was suffocating, saving a few tens of years should only be taken, when taken, the process is complicated-the elite, would be hard to claim half dead. Many felt cheated because the black and white are also less transparent. This poor image is difficult to remove.

2. Insurance benefits can not be considered as soon as we "buy" it. Differences with food, beverages or even cigarettes. Cigarettes once bought, suction, directly feel delicious. If we were given the seven senses could see the future, get to know when we entered the hospital, when we crash and know when we will die, the insurance might not sold by the agents but freely sold in shopping malls and people will be lining up in droves to buy it . "Duh tomorrow I hit look like they're hospitalized with dengue fever 10 days, I bought insurance in the PS" or "Bro, where delicious insurance buy it? ya I die tomorrow, would love the money for my son's wife ". Remember, Regret always comes too late ..

3. Of the two above points, usually people do not want to have insurance because it was well kept, never hospitalized. I used to think just as well off as above, but the increasing age, higher levels of stress ya really feel the greater the risk of disease.

4. Still from the two earlier points, because the benefits do not immediately felt, people think 'Oh whoa, I'm still a lot needs to be met ". I had the same rich, saving 300 thousand for myself only a sense of security should be forced, but "throwing" 300 thousand for the coffees.
5. Assume that it is ill luck, which is determined by Gusti Allah Paring urip sing, who gives life. The problem we are ready with all the properties owned hospital can cover the costs provided by the above? To determine if there is pain, there is also a decisive fortune. So mending might as well not work .

6. The principle that insurance is a transfer of risk for the events associated with our souls, not yet firmly entrenched. We are willing to pay Rp 15 thousand dollars for a car park for hours at EX Plaza Indonesia in the hope of our cars safe, conveniently located less likely to be stolen than parked near Garden nuts. Willing to pay dues to pay for complex security guard charged with securing our homes. But why for yourself mental health and not?